Remembering Bea : Blog Of The Nation I loved Dorothy, but others around the interwebs have found some more obscure video with which to remember the fabulous Bea Arthur.
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In case you missed the news, beloved actress Bea Arthur died over the weekend. Words failed me completely, and I just squawked when I saw the headline. Once I recovered, my mom, sister and I sat around reminiscing — mom filled in the Maude story for us, and my sister and I talked about Dorothy Zbornak, and the resonance the Golden Girls have with our generation, in places like The O.C..
Luckily, others found some more obscure Bea on tape. Danny Miller at Huffington Post unearthed an absolutely ridiculous video of Arthur and Rock Hudson playing "a couple of boozing, middle-aged suburbanites who were musing about the happy-go-lucky drug-addled kids of the day" that's definitely worth your time. Gizmodo's Jack Loftus wracked his brain for a gadget-y tribute to Bea, and (with help from a Neatorama remembrance) found two examples of the actress embracing her geekdom — as a singing bartender on the night shift in the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, and in a cameo on Futurama, as "Femputer, the computer leader of a tribe of Amazonian women who didn't care much for men." And finally, Dashiell Bennett on Deadspin called her a "legendary human being," and resuscitated a late '80s Canadian PSA in which she reminds kids to be good sports.