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An interesting piece on coaches tweeting caught my eye in USA Today. Twitter is ideally suited to follow sports news and scores, and it's not surprising that it would have collected a flock of sports fans, coaches, and players. But here's the part that really caught my eye.

As Twitter's popularity grows, [LSU football coach Les] Miles to Kentucky men's basketball coach John Calipari to USC football coach Pete Carroll to Texas women's basketball coach Gail Goestenkors are reaching out to fans and recruits. Athletic departments are creating accounts to provide the latest news.

The NCAA considers Twitter updates to be similar to a blog and not a direct form of communication with a recruit. "As long as the coaches are not using Twitter to contact individual prospective student-athletes and are abiding by other recruiting rules, there is not an issue with them using Twitter," NCAA spokesman Bob Williams wrote in an e-mail.

Interesting, eh? Anyone who's ever watched the coaches on Friday Night Lights blithely break the rules in high school football, might want to pay attention to this one.