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UNC: National Champions

Last night, my hometown Tar Heels defeated the Michigan State Spartans.

There was wonderful concision on the front page of the Raleigh News & Observer: "Tar Heels Triumph." In the USA Today: "Michigan State suffers another Detroit debacle courtesy of UNC." And on the back page of the New York Daily News, Dick Weiss declared, "No bailouts for Michigan State in NCAA final loss."

That last one stings a bit, I realize. (The Huffington Post had a parody article along the same lines: "Obama Asks Michigan State Spartan Coach to Step Down.")

Was it hard to root for the team most people wanted to lose — "Michigan State's basketball team providing relief to distressed state" and "Detroit Forgets Auto Misery to Root for Michigan State Victory"?

I'll let Roy Williams, UNC's coach, answer that one. Here's what he told reporters on Monday morning, before the game:

We want to win a national championship, period, the end. And if you would tell me that if Michigan State wins, it's gonna satisfy the nation's economy, then I'd say, "Hell, let's stay poor for a little while longer."

At the very least, the barkeeps in Chapel Hill are a little bit richer. As we mentioned on the show yesterday, a party on Franklin Street, downtown, always follows a big UNC win. If you've never seen what it looks like, check out this amazing panoramic shot from last night.