Dreading That College Reunion : Blog Of The Nation Even the cool kids are nervous about that pending class reunion.
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Dreading That College Reunion

Think you're the only one nervous about that upcoming class reunion? Nope. Ellen Gordon Reeves reveals the dirty little secret in an article for Harvard Magazine:

everyone is nervous. Everyone I talked to-whether in their twenties or their eighties-doctors, lawyers, heads of hedge funds, best-selling authors, deans, diplomats, tenured professors, top executives alike-confessed to me the same fears about coming back. We worry about what to wear and what we look like, about expanding waistlines and receding hairlines. We worry about running into old flames, old friends with whom we've lost touch, old enemies. We fear being the one who doesn't know where to stand, who has no one to sit with, the wandering minstrel hovering alone at the periphery of a tent. We worry that no one will understand what we're going through or what we've been through. We all worry.

Ever been to a class reunion? Nervous? Was everyone else, too?