Driving "The Butt" : Blog Of The Nation What's your most dreaded freeway interchange? Do you see beauty in its aerial view?
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Driving "The Butt"

The I-280 and US 101 interchange in San Francisco. topherous hide caption

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The mere mention of certain freeway interchanges can make me shudder — the Mixing Bowl, in northern Virginia, for instance, or Spaghetti Junction, outside Atlanta. Viewed from a detached, aerial perspective, however, they're fascinating. You may be familiar with the cloverleaf configuration, but have you ever seen The Braid? It's actually quite beautiful. Or The Stack? Or... The Butt? Check out the "Field Guide to Freeway Interchanges" at The Infrastructurist (um, awesome!) for more. And thanks to Boing Boing for the heads-up. What's your favorite, or most dreaded?