Free Couch, Big Headache : Blog Of The Nation Every try to give something away for free on Craigslist, then still had to deal with hagglers?
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Free Couch, Big Headache

It's Monday, it's gray and rainy again, and I just got some annoying news. So this Craigslist exchange imagined by Lore Sjoberg (welcome back, Alt Text!) came along at just the right time. Ever tried to get rid of something on Craigslist, and even with the low low price of free, had a hell of a time doing so?


Hey dude, I'm interested in the free couch. What color is it?

Sounds simple, right? Only the ad says it's blue, and there's a picture attached. Many exchanges later...


Sorry, man, it's just that I have to borrow my brother's truck to come get it and I don't want it if it smells like your family or something. Can you get it dry-cleaned?

Read on for more Craigslist idiocy...

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