May 11th Show : Blog Of The Nation On today's Talk: Ted Koppel on interrogation techniques, Elizabeth Edwards' publicity blitz, celibacy for Catholic priests, and The Dangerous World of Butterflies.
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May 11th Show

Father Alberto Cutie on the set of his TV show, Padre Albert. Photos of him cuddling with a woman on a beach reignited the debate over celibacy in the priesthood (hear more in today's second hour). AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez hide caption

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Happy Monday! I've got a whole week in the director's chair while Gwen chases the sun for a while (best believe it cannot be found in DC lately - grrr!), and the board's already full of good shows. Of course, that means big news will probably break and we'll have to change things again, but that's the business!

What's Next In The Debate Over Torture?
So, today. In our first hour, Ted Koppel's got some recommendations for creating a U.S. policy on torture and interrogation techniques, in light of recent revelations that the Bush administration authorized use of a number of harsh techniques.

Elizabeth Edwards: Victim Or Enabler?
After that discussion, we're hoping to find a way into the debate surrounding Elizabeth Edwards' book and recent round of interviews in our Opinion Page segment.

A New Twist In The Debate Over Celibacy In The Priesthood
In our second hour we'll tap into the buzz surrounding photos of popular Catholic priest Rev. Alberto Cutie frolicking on the beach with a bikini-clad woman. The pictures have revived the question, should Catholic priests have to be celibate?

High-Stakes Collectors, Criminals And Cops
Following that, a story that might surprise you: author Peter Laufer uncovered The Dangerous World of Butterflies for his new book. That world's got a history of criminality and intrigue, as well as conservationists and collectors.