May 20th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, the Political Junkie and Fred Andrle, and conservatives and Supreme Court nominations. In our second hour, The American Future: A History, and tracking nature's deadliest storms.
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May 20th Show

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Political Junkie: Steele Strikes Back
The voice of Neal Conan will coming from member station WOSU in Columbus, Ohio, today and the voice of Ken Rudin will be inside our studios in Washington D.C. We'll connect the two and bring you this week's edition of the Political Junkie! Today, we'll look at the Republican bid to rename the opposition the "Democrat Socialist Party," Obama's major setback in shutting down Guantanamo, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's difficult task to "terminate" California's deficit. Plus, we'll talk with Fred Andrle, host of WOSU's "Open Line" radio talk show, about the perennial swing state of Ohio.

Conservatives Ready To Fight Supreme Court Nominee
At the end of the hour, conservative activist Richard Viguerie will explain who he'd like to see named to the court, and what conservative groups are doing to mobilize their base around potential candidates for Supreme Court Justice.

The American Future: A History
Historian Simon Schama had a hunch that in 2008, America's past and present would collide in the form of historic events. In our second hour, Schama will explain why looking to the past informs us of what's at stake right now for the U.S.

Storm Chasers Of VORTEX2
At the end of the hour, we'll take you inside some of nature's deadliest storms. Are you a storm chaser? Tell us what it's like to come face to face with Mother Nature.