Michael Jackson Set To Moonwalk Again : Blog Of The Nation The King of Pop gets set to take the stage again... performing dozens of sold-out shows in London. Will there be a new moonwalk?
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Michael Jackson Set To Moonwalk Again

Michael Jackson is set for a comeback. Come July, he is scheduled to perform 50 sold-out shows in London. What the promoter calls, "the biggest, most technologically advanced arena show -- and the most expensive -- ever mounted." According to the Los Angeles Times, Michael practices four days a week, six hours a day in a building near the Burbank airport.

Those practice sessions occur in secrecy, thanks to security patrols and confidentiality agreements. There have been rumors, especially in the British media, that the production will include a duet with Jackson's eldest son, Prince Michael, a stage filled with Jackson look-alikes, and a cast of monkeys and elephants.
Beyond denying the last report -- "No animals. No animals!" Phillips said -- producers are tight-lipped about what the 20,000 fans in the arena will see. Jackson will perform between 18 and 22 songs. Some choreography will feature aerial dancing similar to routines by Cirque du Soleil, he said.