Stay At A Homeless Shelter: $336 : Blog Of The Nation Homeless in New York? Better pay up, New York City restarted a policy of charging homeless families to stay in public run shelters.
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Stay At A Homeless Shelter: $336

I've always assumed homeless shelters were free... Supported by donations, grants, tax dollars, etc (after all, if you had spare cash you likely wouldn't choose to be there). Not so. The New York Times reports that publicly run shelters in New York started charging homeless families if they have income from jobs:

Vanessa Dacosta, who earns $8.40 an hour as a cashier at Sbarro, received a notice under her door several weeks ago informing her that she had to give $336 of her approximately $800 per month in wages to the Clinton Family Inn, a shelter in Hell's Kitchen where she has lived since March.
"It's not right," said Ms. Dacosta, a single mother of a 2-year-old who said she spends nearly $100 a week on child care. "I pay my baby sitter, I buy diapers, and I'm trying to save money so I can get out of here. I don't want to be in the shelter forever."

Are shelters in other cities doing the same thing?