Stuart Turkeylink : Blog Of The Nation On the cusp of mega-fame and much conversation at TOTN's morning meeting: Zach Galifianakis.
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If Zach Galifianakis hasn't popped onto your radar yet, he will soon. He's in The Hangover, a movie for which I've seen the preview about 40 times, and this morning on my commute, I ran across an interview with him in the new Esquire. I didn't think much of it*, but then TOTN producer Susan Lund pitched him as someone we should think about chasing. She'd been watching his "talk show," Between Two Ferns, and could hardly stop laughing long enough to make her pitch. I just watched them, and there's a whole lotta funny there. Check out his interview with Jimmy Kimmel above — I picked it because it was the one with the smallest amount of questionable content, but the John Hamm ("Have you ever thought about, for show business, changing your name from John Hamm to, like, something like John Sausage... Or... Stuart Turkeylink?") episode is my favorite, and Bradley Cooper is Susan's pick ("Is f***ing Carrot Top behind me?").

*I spent most of my time thinking "this is the guy who had that weird comedy show on MTV?" Then, in this morning's meeting, a bolt of lightning hit my brain — I was confusing him with Andy Milonakis. It was a major relief to finally grab hold of that name and stop confusing the two.