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The Best Of The Bust

While we've certainly given the financial press a tongue lashing over what they did, or didn't, do during the meltdown, here's some of the best of Dean Starkman's list of significant financial stories that made it onto everyone's radar. Here are some of the red flags that went up -- some from frequent guests of ours, like Dean Foust, and Gretchen Morgenstern, are not included only because they're not available online.

Mortgaged Lives: Profiting From Fine Print With Wall Street's Help from The New York Times, March, 2000.

Along With a Lender, Is Citigroup Buying Trouble? from The New York Times, October, 2000.

Best Interests: How Big Lenders Sell A Pricier Refinancing To Poor Homeowners, from The Wall Street Journal, December, 2001.

Home Wrecker, from Forbes, September, 2002.

The Housing Boom's Dark Side
from Business Week, October, 2002.

Borrowers Find System Open to Conflicts, Manipulation from The Washington Post, November, 2004.

Doubt Is Cast on Loan Papers, from The Los Angeles Times, March, 2005.