Don't Cry For Me, Argentina : Blog Of The Nation Why must we flay and burn our scandal-ridden politicians?
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Don't Cry For Me, Argentina

When it comes to political sex scandals, we talk a great deal around here about what's just plain prurient and what's not. Granted, when something like Governors Spitzer and/or Sanford breaks, it is a news story first and foremost -- that's what they sign up for when they take the oath (not the "I do" promise, natch, but the other one). So when I saw the text of the cringingly intimate emails between the Governor of South Carolina and the (apparently) beautiful Maria -- I was pretty uncomfortable. (Um, yes, I read them all the way through. I'm HUMAN.) But I wondered if that kind of private language adds anything to the discussion of his performance as Governor, or if splashing it all over The State just adds more fuel to a fire that's kinda... mean. Who among us has not spoken of their "apocalyptic passion" in a letter or email, and would pretty much DIE of embarrassment if anyone -- other then our beloved* -- ever read it? Listen, Sanford screwed up, for sure, and he is taking a mighty punishment right now -- the question is, do we need to rub salt in those tan lineswounds, as well?

*Dear [redacted], please burn that letter that I sent you in the summer of '95. Hope all is well with you. Best, Barrie