Flight Attendants Are Not Babysitters : Blog Of The Nation Are you an annoying airline passenger? One flight attendant is calling you out.
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Flight Attendants Are Not Babysitters

Lucky enough to fly somewhere this summer on vacation? I am, but so far I only have a one-way ticket to California, and I'm not too anxious to book my return flight. Anyway, this anonymous flight attendant with 12 years in the business has identified her top 7 most annoying passengers. As a semi-frequent flyer, I recognized a lot of these jerks, so consider this a public service.
Did you make the list, guy who throws his carry-on into the first bin in coach, then heads back to his seat in 27D? How about you, lady who overpacks her carry-on, then can't hoist it into the overhead compartment? Anonymous flight attendant is on to you, and so am I.