June 22nd Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, the Voting Rights Act ruling, and the opinion page looks at why Iranians don't want the U.S. to help. In our second hour, Perfecting Sound Forever, and Twitter and Iranian protests.
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June 22nd Show

Many audiophiles stand by vinyl as the best audio format. How far would you go for great sound (We'll talk with the author of Perfecting Sound Forever in today's second hour.) Epiclectic hide caption

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Supreme Court Decides On Voting Rights Act
Today, the Supreme Court ruled narrowly in a challenge to the landmark Voting Rights Act, siding with a small Texas governing authority but sidestepping the major constitutional issue. We'll hear about the oral arguments that took place at the hearing and whether the Voting Rights Act is still relevant.

The Opinion Page:Iranians Don't Want U.S. Help
Time magazine's Joe Klein explains what he saw during his recent trip to Iran in the aftermath of their disputed presidential election, and why he believes Iranians don't want the United States to help.

Is It Live?
In radio, we say that stuff sounds good (or bad) all the time. But what do we really mean... and what are we really hearing? Nowadays, convenience often trumps fidelity when it comes to how we listen to music. In his new book, Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded Music, Greg Milner explores the evolution of sound from the analog days of Thomas Edison to the present time of digital recordings. How far do you go for perfect sound? Where do you draw the line?

The Revolution Will Be Tweeted
Protests continue in Iran, and so do the tweets. Many protesters use Twitter to communicate between themselves, and with the outside world. But some question the validity of the information that is being posted on the micro-blogging service.