June 8th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, California's budget crisis, and the opinion page looks at vigilante justice. In our second hour, should HIV be criminalized?
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June 8th Show

When States Go Broke, Who Pays?
California is the richest state in the richest country in the world, but is currently facing a massive budget crisis and needs to cut $24 billion in spending. And while the state's crisis is particularly large, dozens of other states are projecting budget problems of their own. Guests on the program examine what other states can learn from California's budget crisis. And listeners tell us whether they are willing to pay more to avoid cutbacks in important programs in their state.

Hooray For Vigilantes
Last week in Philadelphia, a man wanted for questioning about the rape an 11-year-old girl was severly beaten by men in the victim's neighborhood. In an article written in Friday's edition of the Philadelphia Daily News, attorney Christine Flowers explains that while it is wrong to take the law into our own hands, in this case of vigilante justice, some are cheering.

Criminalizing HIV
Johnson Aziga is a Canadian man who was diagnosed with HIV. He had unprotected sex without telling his partners he was HIV positive. Last month, a court found Aziga guilty of murder for transmitting the disease to two female partners who later died. Should HIV be criminalized? And should those who knowingly spread the disease go to jail?