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I know I shouldn't be shocked by how un-savvy people are about social networking, but seriously, people are SO UN-SAVVY ABOUT SOCIAL NETWORKING. The employee who calls in sick and writes a status update about his relaxing day off (that his boss can SEE). The prospective Ms. Universe with incriminating photos on her Facebook page of her drinking a large mojito and kissing someone who is not Mr. Universe. And of course, there is the couple that is splitting up -- emotions run wild on social networks. A piece in Time details the harm that past posts in happier days can cause you, and who benefits:

Lawyers, however, love these sites, which can be evidentiary gold mines. Did your husband's new girlfriend Twitter about getting a piece of jewelry? The court might regard that as marital assets being disbursed to a third party. Did your wife tell the court she's incapable of getting a job? Then your lawyer should ask why she's pursuing job interviews through LinkedIn.

Imagine the Donald/Ivana debacle through the lens of Facebook. Horrifying!