Well, I Can Always Babysit... : Blog Of The Nation If you're thinking about becoming Mary Poppins as your employment Plan B, you may want to think again. Maybe.
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Well, I Can Always Babysit...

Is being a nanny your summertime job Plan B? Turns out that's another profession where the tables may have turned, thanks to ye olde recession. According to The Washington Post, in the district, at least,

A fundamental shift of power has occurred... and it has nothing to do with politics. For decades, good nannies were a hot commodity in a town rife with workaholics, where the percentage of working women is higher than the national average. The best nannies had to be snapped up immediately and kept happy with regular raises and other benefits, lest they be poached right off the playground by conniving parents.

In the past six to eight months, though, agencies report a deluge of available nannies as parents losing their jobs or downsizing turn to cheaper child-care options, including staying at home.

What are you seeing? Is this a D.C.-only problem? A big city problem? A BS trend story?