Deal, Or No Deal : Blog Of The Nation Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina loses his book deal.
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Deal, Or No Deal

When Random House published Resilience, a memoir by Elizabeth Edwards, I overheard more than a few of my friends ask why she wrote it. I automatically assumed it was because she'd agreed to write it -- and probably signed a contract to write it -- before she learned that her husband, John Edwards, had an affair.

Last week, at a conference in Massachusetts, I overheard a colleague's speculation: Jenny Sanford, the wife of Mark Sanford, the governor of South Carolina, must have a book deal in the works. Or she should.

Turns out, her husband did. According to Publishers Weekly, Gov. Sanford had inked a deal with Sentinel, a Penguin imprint, for Within Our Means, "a book about 'fiscal conservatism.'" In light of recent events, he's off the hook, it seems. PW reports that "Sentinel was releasing Stanford from his contract after coming to a 'mutual decision.'"