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For anyone who's skeptical about the legacy of Michael Jackson, check out this blog post by one of my favorite country -- yes, country -- artists, Robbie Fulks.

Fulks is no stranger to the perfect pop tune -- he's written more than a few himself -- and to hear him wax philosophic about the King of Pop is to understand more clearly where Jackson's legacy may be heard in the decades to come. We'll hear him in jazz clubs and honky-tonk bars, on MTV and CMT. Here's what Fulks has to say:

...it occurred to me that Michael was my generation's Elvis. He was our common musical denominator, originator of the template, pointer of the path, the central guy that we all grew up with and of whom nobody could live in ignorance. In fact the only reason I wouldn't overplay the comparison is that I think he was better than Elvis artistically. Better dancer, better singer, better song guy; and he stayed better at it all longer (even outliving him, a little). Let the squabbling begin...