July 1st Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, political junkie and politicians and gay rights, and an FDA panel wants to ban two painkillers. In our second hour, Generation Next, and the Loud family.
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President Obama is not moving fast enough on domestic partnership issues for some gay rights advocates. Photo by Damian Dovarganes/AP

Political Junkie: Sex Scandal, 60 Democrats, Gay Backlash
The recount is over in Minnesota. Now Senator Al Franken wins and Democrats reach their magic number. Ken Rudin will talk about that, plus Gov. Mark Sanford speaking up about the affair with his "soul mate." Also, we'll look at whether or not politicians reflect public attitudes when it comes to gay rights. Some advocates are saying President Obama is not moving fast enough on the issue.

FDA Panel Wants Ban on Painkillers
An FDA advisory panel recommended a ban on two popular presciption painkillers — Percocet and Vicodin — to prevent acetaminophen overdosing, which can cause liver failure. We'll answer your questions about what this could mean for your next trip to the drugstore.

Generation Broke
There's an entire generation of younger Americans who are trying to start out in the worst economic crisis of their lives. Many are forced to change their plans and make tough choices on how to survive in a recession. We want to hear from recent graduates. Have you been able to find the job you wanted? How has the economy forced you to change your blueprint?

The First Reality TV Show?
The disintegration of their marriage made Jon and Kate Plus 8 one of the most viewed reality shows on cable television. But do you remember the Loud family? The documentary, An American Family, entered households in 1973 and followed the lives of Bill and Pat Loud and their five children. The filmmakers, Susan and Alan Raymond, talk about how the PBS series made way for what we now know as "reality TV".