July 22nd Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, the political junkie and rumors about Obama's U.S. citizenship. In our second hour, singer Judy Collins performs, and Andrew Bacevich looks at Obama's war tactics..
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July 22nd Show

An image of Pres. Barack Obama's birth certificate. (We'll talk at the end of today's first hour about why it's so difficult to stop persistent rumors.) screen grab from snopes.com hide caption

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screen grab from snopes.com

Health Care Dings Dems, Palin Departs, F-22 Grounded
It's time for Ken Rudin and this week's political junkie segment. Today, we'll look at President Obama's upcoming news conference on healthcare and his first 6-months in office, the delayed vote on the Senate floor on Sonia Sotomayor's nomination, and Governor Sarah Palin's fast-aproaching final day. And Ken will try to stump you again with a new trivia question.

Persistent Rumors: Is Obama A Citizen?
President Obama is at the halfway mark in his first year as president, yet one question persists: Is he a citizen of the United States? President Obama produced his birth certificate during the campaign, but it only added more fuel for those who doubt his citizenship. We'll talk about the tricky political and psychological game of denying rumors.

Judy Collins: The Next Iteration
Grammy award winning singer Judy Collins went from being a child prodigy to one of the most prolific folk musicians of our time. And after a five-decade career in music, she is still reinventing herself. Judy Collins performs live in our studio and talks about her music, social activism and the secret to her longevity.

Andrew Bacevich On Obama's Strategic Blind Spot
As the war in Iraq heads into its ninth year, President Obama has begun sending more troops to Afghanistan. In a recent op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, Boston University professor Andrew Bacevich argues that President Obama's "strategic blindness" is perpetuating the Long War launched by George W. Bush.