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Delicious bits that won't make it on the air today... (Like sausage gravy!)

I suspect that at least three quarters of the people I take calls from while we're on the air are on the road, calling from their cell phone. Which is why The New York Times' series on the dangers of trying to multitask while at the wheel (the three T's — talking, texting, tweeting) gives me a serious shudders. We'll definitely try to give it some ToTN treatment (more T's!!).

In South Carolina, criminal charges have been brought against a mother whose son weighed 555 pounds by age 14. Question is, when is obesity a matter of child abuse?

And — a new version of A Moveable Feast, which Maureen Corrigan calls, "remixed," includes material that shows the Pauline Pfeiffer vs. Hadley Richardson smackdown in a new light. (For those of you who have forgotten that long-ago scandal, Richardson was Ernest Hemingway's first wife, whom the writer left for her best friend, Pfeiffer.) The Pfeiffer relatives have never been happy with the way Hemingway portrayed her — predatory and obsessive, and this version includes more material that's favorable to Hemingway's second wife. (Oh yeah, that's right, he had the nerve to blame Pfeiffer for breaking up his idealized first marriage. Does it not take two to ... er ... tango?*) Read one Hemingway scholar's opinion, here.

*I am contemplating a set of "Team Pfeiffer" and "Team Richardson" t-shirts. Thoughts?