My Boss's Brain Tumor : Blog Of The Nation TOTN boss Sue Goodwin blogs about living with her benign brain tumor.
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My Boss's Brain Tumor

Our boss, TOTN executive producer Sue Goodwin, was recently diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. Benign's good, right? Well, sorta.

Now, relatively speaking, benign is a good thing. Far better than the alternative. But, it turns out, benign brain tumors can still grow. Given enough time, some can affect major brain function and even become malignant. I was scared.

Sue blogged about it for NPR's health blog. The twist? In reaching out to others who understand "the anxiety of [her] in-between experience," she started to understand how and why so many of us — her staff members — find and make the time for social networking. Read on... And maybe call a doctor if you ever inexplicably smell burning rubber.