August 13th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour town hall protests and this angry moment. In our second hour, why should we exercise? and where are all the hurricanes?
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Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

An angry speaker at a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania.

Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

This Angry Moment
Protestors at town hall meetings on health care continue to express their frustration and fear, but the roots are hard to clearly identify. Some say the frustruation stems from a basic mistrust of the government. Others argue the tension is not only about health care reform, but the effects of the recession as a whole. Still others say the anger is steeped in racial undertones. We will examine the attitudes of fear and concern from different angles and examine what this angry moment is really about.

Top 10 Myths About Exercise
Exercise longer, burn more fat. Exercise makes you fat. If you exercise you can eat whatever you want. Wait! Which is it??? There are so many (often conflicting) myths about exercise that we often don't know what to do, much less stay motivated to do something. Anything! We'll try to clear things up with a physician and a personal trainer and find out what works when it comes to exercise. And we want to hear from you. What exercise program has worked for you? And how do you stay motivated?

Where Are All The Hurricanes?
Thank another El Nino for a bit of a lull in the Atlantic hurricane season so far. But even though we are experiencing fewer hurricanes this season, we very well know it only takes one to leave a city completely devastated. National Hurricane Center director Bill Read provides a hurricane forecast and advises us on how to stay at the ready even when there seems to be no immediate threat in sight.