Cheering The Competition : Blog Of The Nation Although Laura Ling and Euna Lee are safe, they may have put human rights activists in South Korea at risk.
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I'd like to take this opportunity to praise a story I heard on PRI's The World, which airs on many NPR -- public radio? -- member stations, around the country.

After Laura Ling and Euna Lee were pardoned and released by North Korea, Jason Strother, an independent journalist, reported on how human rights activists have reacted to the capture and release of the two American reporters.

As it turns out, they may have jeopardized the safety of many North Korean refugees. By parachuting in to a dangerous place -- the border between China and North Korea, Ling and Lee may have been unable to recognize how risky it is for people in the area to speak with reporters. One person in Strother's piece worries that Ling and Lee may have given their notebooks to North Korean authorities. The information therein could include the names of, and contact information for, human rights activists.