Generic Tagalongs And Thin Mints?! : Blog Of The Nation Walmart has begun producing and selling generic Girl Scout cookies. What a sham. What a shame!
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Generic Tagalongs And Thin Mints?!

Because my younger sister was a Girl Scout, our house was, for a few months every year, filled with delicious cookies. Lots of them. We kept boxes in the pantry and the freezer, and cases (for distribution!) in the garage.

I was chagrined to read this, on Jeffrey Goldberg's blog, at The Atlantic: "Walmart has copied two of the group's signature cookies, Thin Mints and Tagalongs, and will soon sell them nationally at lower prices — sure to cut into the do-gooders' profits, which are generated solely from cookie sales."

Sure, I've complained about the cost of a box of Girl Scout cookies, but c'mon!