Many Call It Torture: Does It Work? : Blog Of The Nation One man's "harsh interrogation tactics" are another's "torture." The elephant in the room is: do any of these "enhanced" methods work?
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Many Call It Torture: Does It Work?

The big question looming over the release of the CIA abuse documents: did any of these "enhanced" interrogation techniques work? Looking at the details in the report, Time's Bobby Ghosh finds "not smoke but fog:"

And there's just enough of it that both defenders and critics of the CIA's techniques can claim to have been vindicated...

The inspector general's report says it "did not uncover any evidence that these plots were imminent." The CIA memos say information gained from detainees led to "arrests that disrupted attack plans in progress" -- but stop short of attributing this directly to the enhanced interrogations.

The rest of his column is here.