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After a small fuss was generated over an un-retouched photo of Kim Kardashian (which, I should say, I had to really squint at to see the differences), the Los Angeles Times did a nice little story on the art — and limits — of Photoshop. And truly, sometimes it is just about the integrity of the photograph.

Ask Ladies' Home Journal creative director Jeffrey Saks if magazines are consciously manipulating images to foster readers' poor self-images and he firmly denies it.

"We're not trying to make women feel bad," he says. "We're trying to show women looking like real people, and whatever cleaning up we do is basically about the quality of the photograph more than trying to do plastic surgery."

I'd buy that if it weren't for the fact that poor Kim (who doesn't have much to recommend her besides her gorgeous body), is missing a good piece of her tricep (thanks, Sarah for pointing that out). Man, I'd give anything to learn how to add a bulging tricep. Without doing couch dips.