The Netflix Mystery Solved (Sort Of) : Blog Of The Nation Netflix handles a mind-numbing array of DVDs every day in a complex series of warehouses that are kept tucked away and top secret. Until now.
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The Netflix Mystery Solved (Sort Of)

There's some mystery surrounding those ubiquitous red envelopes that carry DVDs between your mailbox and Netflix. While I can't get a birthday card to Chicago in less than five days, somehow a skinny, coded packet hits the warehouse in time to ship my next movie the next afternoon. How? Christopher Borrelli decided to find out for the Chicago Tribune:

One imagines miles of pop ephemera between its brick-and-mortar walls -- one imagines that limitless building from "Raiders of the Lost Ark," but with 15,000 copies of " Confessions of a Shopaholic."

The truth is stranger.

He delivers the full story at the Tribune's website.