Be Careful What You "Like" : Blog Of The Nation Sometimes willy-nilly "Like" clicking on Facebook can get you in big trouble.
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Be Careful What You "Like"

Our beloved Barrie is a brand new wife, and she and her husband have headed East on a fabulous honeymoon. The day after her incredible nuptials, Barrie hopped on Facebook, but she was so overcome with recent events that, in her words:

"Barrie Hardymon is solving her inability to express herself on Facebook by clicking "like" willy-nilly."

It's a great plan, generally — the "like" function on Facebook lets you express your approval of someone's statement or status, but you don't have to actually come up with anything to add to it.

Enter College Humor. Sometimes, "willy-nilly" "like" clicking goes horribly awry (of course!).

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Showers: Strangely compelling.

That is only the tippy top of the awkward iceberg — click through to see three more examples, each a bit too racy for me to reproduce here.