Best Of Talk : Blog Of The Nation Obviously, you can't listen to all eight hours of TOTN each week, so here's some of what we thought was the best of the week.
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Scene from a healthcare forum in Maryland on August 25.


Here's a blatant plug for the TOTN email newsletter. If you're not signed up, you're not getting our "Best Talk" selections every Friday. At the end of the week, we sit down and look at our editorial board for the last four days and pick two shows that really seemed to get people talking. This week, it was Monday's show:

Is This Any Way To Treat A President

"We're so different in terms of regions, in terms of religious backgrounds, of ethnicity, of race. And I think there's a lot of anxiety about the possibility that this can explode in something more than just verbal attacks. There are these fundamental divides in the country that we don't want to get out of hand."
Robert Dallek

And Thursday's show:
Tweets From The Court Room

"I just had a medical malpractice trial where the expert witness for the case actually showed up in my online dating site inbox as somebody I should date. So then I forwarded the poor guy's personal profile to the other jurors."
Emily (TOTN caller)

The rest of the week, you get a preview of what's coming up on that day's show and links to what you might have missed the day before. We also let you know how to get in on the conversation, and email us your thoughts before the show.

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