Cowell, Jackson, DioGuardi and Degeneres : Blog Of The Nation Ellen Degeneres has been named to the American Idol judge's chair Paula Abdul vacated.
NPR logo Cowell, Jackson, DioGuardi and Degeneres

Cowell, Jackson, DioGuardi and Degeneres

In case you missed it in the health-care-"You lie!"-public-option din, major pop culture news broke last night. Via the fabulous Linda Holmes on NPR sister-blog Monkey See:

I immediately suspected someone was punking the entire world of television journalism when the news first broke, but Fox has in fact confirmed that the new American Idol judge is Ellen DeGeneres.

Holmes goes on to weigh the pros and cons of the pick -- namely, Ellen's light and funny, which will be a good foil to Simon Cowell's acidic commentary, but Ellen's humor struck Holmes as forced when she sub-judged So You Think You Can Dance, and she's not a pop star and has never been one. There are some serious Idol fans in this office. It'll be interesting to see how she does.