Design Douglas Coupland's Cover : Blog Of The Nation Canadian author Douglas Coupland has a challenge for you: Design the cover for his forthcoming book, Generation A.
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Design Douglas Coupland's Cover

I love author Douglas Coupland — or, more accurately, his books. Though Generation X was about characters slightly older than me, I devoured Girlfriend In A Coma, Microserfs, and Miss Wyoming. I gifted Life After God to a handful of friends, and The Gum Thief is on my nightstand, waiting for an upcoming flight in the friendly (ha) skies. He's prolific and perceptive, and writes modern lonely-lit like few others.
His covers are almost always striking, but either he's run out of ideas, or he's just even cooler than I knew (I'm thinking #2): According to Mediabistro, "In a Random House UK web promotion, Coupland's most dedicated fans can create a customized cover for his new book, Generation A." Check out details here, at his website.