'Reading Rainbow,' I Love You : Blog Of The Nation Step back in time — take a look, it's in a book — a love letter to the now-canceled Reading Rainbow.
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'Reading Rainbow,' I Love You

Reading Rainbow - Tight Times - A funny movie is a click away

Today we've got LeVar Burton on the show -- in fact, Gwen's probably speaking to him right this very moment, as I type, getting him all ready for his segment -- and I could hardly be more thrilled. I grew up on PBS (my parents restricted our TV consumption, pretty severely, to PBS, sports, and The Cosby Show), and Reading Rainbow was always one of my favorites.

I loved LeVar (of course, we were on a first name basis), I loved the hokey staged routines, and I loved the heartfelt book reviews from real kids. So, above, find a particularly apropos episode for today -- "Tight Times." Please enjoy a little girl talking about her pet rocks ("When I get home I'm going to give them a bath... And they get very frisky when I give them baths... 'Cause they're so heavy that they go right down to the bottom and they don't know how to swim."), LeVar rapping about inexpensive games you can make and play at home ("Yogurt lid toss!"), and Tom Puckett's enthusiastic review of The Terrible Thing That Happened At Our House ("Let me tell you that this book is very crazy, but it's also a little bit serious."). And, of course, some sweet sweet synthesizer stylins. It'll take you back... But you don't have to take my word for it!