Farewell, Gourmet : Blog Of The Nation 4 more magazine titles go down at Conde Nast: adios, Gourmet, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and Cookie.
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Farewell, Gourmet

More tears dripping down the faces of foodies and brides-to-be: Conde Nast has announced the cancellation of Gourmet, Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and Cookie. I can't say I've ever read any but Gourmet. That one, at the very least, is a huge, unexpected loss. I know NPR shows are chasing an interview with its venerable editor, Ruth Reichl, and I look forward to hearing from her*. For now, here are some of her previous interviews with the network.

*As of this writing, the Gourmet website's still flashing a "Subscribe to Gourmet!" pop-up ad. I got Architectural Digest to see my sorely missed Domino subscription through... Wonder what Gourmet readers will get.