Four Short Crushes : Blog Of The Nation At The New Yorker Festival, Paul Simms reads some hilarious comedy writing.
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Four Short Crushes

Last weekend, while I was in New York City, I went to Shouts & Murmurs Live, a celebration of The New Yorker's humor writers. David Remnick, the editor of the magazine, introduced some of The New Yorker's finest: Woody Allen, Noah Baumbach, Ian Frazier, and Paul Rudnick, among others.

In my humble opinion, Paul Simms, who created NewsRadio, and now writes and directs Flight of the Conchords, stole the show. He read a piece called "Four Short Crushes," which ran in the magazine a few years ago.

If you've got a few minutes, read it.

And if you still have some time left, you should read this poem, by Ian Frazier, which he read at the event. (It's also hilarious.)