Greeting Card Emergencies, Solved! : Blog Of The Nation David Ellis Dickerson solves your Greeting Card Emergencies.

Greeting Card Emergencies, Solved!

Yesterday, while picking a birthday card for a colleague, I thought about the wildly inappropriate choices I could make. I've always delighted in getting cards that read "From Your Loving Grandmother" for significant others, or "Now You Are Six" for my friends hitting their thirtieth. Mostly, though, I get a blank card and fill it in. The thing is, there's something electrifying about opening the perfect card -- a little buzz that shoots through you. The blank card is simply a cop-out.

Well, never fear -- former Hallmark card writer and current This American Life contributor David Dickerson is here to help you. His YouTube series "Greeting Card Emergency" isn't just delightful and funny (worth watching for the opening alone), it's actually a little like watching a magic trick. After the comedy -- a perfect card emerges. Today, we're talking to Dickerson about his (endearing) memoir House of Cards, but here and there, we're solving your GCE's. Bring 'em on.