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After the hot air that kept the balloon story in the air across all cable channels, Columbia Journalism Review posted a hilarious list -- slightly inside baseball, I know -- of ways that major magazines might cover it in the coming weeks. Some of my favorites, below.

Reason: "The Right to Balloon: If Falcon Heene Felt Like Faking a Balloon Flight, That Is His Own Damn Business." By Matt Welch

Slate: "Explainer: What's Up With Balloons? A Charmingly Counterintuitive Take"

TV Guide: "Why the Balloon Boy Story Was Much More Important than Obama's Trip to New Orleans, and Why Cable News's Priorities Were Spot-On: Our April 1 Issue Preview!"

US Weekly: "TO BALLOON AND BACK: Lady Gaga describes her harrowing battle with balloonorexia. The star reveals: 'Rubber-based products got me where I am today!'"

Vanity Fair: "Ladies Who Latex! Hollywood's Hottest Young Stars Gather for Balloon-Inspired Debauchery at the Waverly Inn, as Graydon Carter Leers Watches. (Inside: A Photo Essay of the Event, Shot by Annie Leibovitz in Exchange for a $25 Dunkin' Donuts Coupon.)"

Vogue: "Balloons, in Colors That Pop! How to wear the fall's hottest accessory." (Inside: A Photo Essay of Balloon-Bearing Celebrities, Shot by Annie Leibovitz in Exchange for a $25 Dunkin' Donuts Coupon.)"

Your turn. How will NPR cover it?

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