October 20th Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, anatomy of health insurance and drones in Pakistan. In our second hour, hoaxes and Lenny Kravitz.
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October 20th Show

Uwe Reinhardt on Health Insurance
Why does a procedure like an MRI vary in cost by hundreds of dollars from one hospital to another? How do hospitals and insurance companies negotiate the cost of care? These are questions that we'll ask Uwe Reinhardt, a Princeton economist who argues that health care should be looked at from an unemotional, economic perspective. If you're in the medical profession or the health insurance industry, in your opinion, what's wrong with the economics of health care in this country today?

Drone Strikes in Pakistan
In a paper called "Revenge of the Drones," The New America Foundation's Peter Bergen, along with Katherine Tiedemann, tallied media reports on how many civilians have been killed in Pakistan because of CIA drone strikes. Bergen will join us, to talk about civilian casualties and the efficacy of drone attacks.

What Makes a Great Hoax?
The recent balloon hoax is just the latest example of how the news media and TV watchers can be tricked into believing something that isn't real. Greg Gilderman has compiled a list of the ten craziest media hoaxes for The Daily Beast. We'll talk to him about what hoaxes made the list; then, we'll ask author Alex Boese and Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz to reflect on some of the biggest hoaxes in history.

Lenny Kravitz (need we say more?)
Grammy Award-winning rock musician Lenny Kravitz commemorates 20 years in the music industry with his latest project, Let Love Rule -- 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. He'll stop by to talk about his influences, his personal style, and his budding acting career.