October 22nd Show : Blog Of The Nation In our first hour, regulating self-help, and headlining the balloon boy hoax. In our second hour, forgetting in a digital age, and blogger takes son to Hooters.
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October 22nd Show

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Are you holding on to too much? Get rid of it.


The Business Of Self-Help
Three people who attended a sweat lodge ceremony in Arizona have died. Self-help guru James Arthur Ray, who ran the two-hour ceremony as a means of spiritual purification, is now under investigation. The tragedy shines a spotlight on the self-help industry, and while the business of self-help is growing, safeguards are few. Is it time to regulate self-help groups? If you've participated in a self-help or spiritual retreat, why did you go, and what did you learn?

CJR Headlines
When a news event happens, sometimes all you need is a good headline to sum it all up, and magazines and news sources have its own angle on how to tell the story. The Columbia Journalism Review predicted how some magazines will cover the story of the balloon boy hoax. For instance: in Esquire, "Balloons We Love! Ten of the hottest blow-ups in the biz." Real Simple: Twenty Surprising Uses for Mylar! CJR's Megan Garber goes through various headlines we can expect to see about the balloon hoax in the coming weeks. Challenge for you: What should NPR's headline be?

Forgetting In The Digital Age
Digital technology has steadily aided people in their quest to remember virtually everything. But author Viktor Mayer-Schonberger argues that now is the time to reintroduce our ability to forget. He talks about his new book, Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age, and explains why we need to think seriously about the consequences of perfect memory.

"I Took My Son To Hooters"
Blogger Bob Elston decided to take his 11-year old son to lunch... at Hooters. We'll ask him about the responses he received after blogging about the experience, and how far a parent should go to educate their children about sexuality.