Online, Alex Ross Relocates : Blog Of The Nation Alex Ross, the classical music critic for The New Yorker, has a new blog.
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Online, Alex Ross Relocates

There are a handful of blogs I read regularly. For a long time, I've navigated to The Rest Is Noise, by Alex Ross, The New Yorker's estimable classical music critic. (His award-winning book, a history of music in the twentieth century, shares the blog's title.)

The other day, with this year's classical music season is in full swing, I surfed over to the site. Turns out, Ross has packed his virtual bags and moved on:

I've launched a new blog on the New Yorker website. It's called Unquiet Thoughts, after the John Dowland part-song, and it will offer many of the features that readers have come to expect from this site: the hilarity, the profundity, the delicious recipes.

Update your bookmarks!