Swine Flu In The Voting Booth? : Blog Of The Nation Some off-year election sites in Virginia are stocking up on hand sanitizer in advance of the polls.
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Swine Flu In The Voting Booth?

I'm working from home today, nursing my fiance who's been felled by the swine flu. But I know while I'm struggling with my less-than-swanky home office, David's hard at work booking tomorrow's Political Junkie segment about next Tuesday's elections in Virginia and New Jersey. If you haven't yet decided how you're voting, I suggest you tune in to hear candidates and reporters break down the races for you. Then pack your bags and head for your polling station. If you're voting in Virginia, you may be able to leave the hand sanitizer at home -- Charlottesville and some other sites will be "providing lots of hand sanitizer at the polling places. They will also give people wipes that they can use to clean the voting machines before they cast their ballots." So go forth, vote, and stay healthy!

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