What Fate For Balloon Boy's Parents? : Blog Of The Nation The Heenes played a trick on the entire country with their "balloon boy" scheme. Should they be punished?
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What Fate For Balloon Boy's Parents?

I'm a very lucky girl, so while rain poured down on Washington, D.C. last week, I was at the beach. On my little island, I consumed no news, and I mean none — drank in no bars with CNN on, read no newspapers, and clicked through no news sites. And what's the one thing that got through my personal media blackout?

Balloon Boy, of course.

What a debacle! The Heene family's deception, which Nancy Gibbs, writing for Time damns as "sleight of hand for the soul," filled my Facebook feed (I wasn't so anti-news that banned the 'book). Gibbs is now pondering how the Heenes should be punished. Were you taken in by their scheme? What do you think is the worst aspect of it, and should the parents be somehow punished?