'Black Friday Is For Suckers' : Blog Of The Nation Don't be a sucker on Black Friday... Slate.com's Farhad Manjoo tells us what to avoid, and what's worth our money (and time).
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'Black Friday Is For Suckers'

"Black Friday Is for Suckers." That's how Farhad Manjoo opens his column today at Slate.com. ThousandsMillionsBillionsCountless frenzied shoppers converge on local malls, with visions of Bluetooth and eBooks dancing in their heads. Farhad's basic advice: DON'T DO IT.

Aside from that general warning to keep your head, there are some categories that you should avoid entirely on Black Friday. Keep this list handy when you're fighting your way through an early-morning stampede:

Included on that list are eBooks, cheap printers and several other gadgets. For those of us who are set on buying something to mark Black Friday, Farhad also offers tips on what is worth buying. The full story is here.