CBS Cares About Pap Smears : Blog Of The Nation Yes, you really heard what you thought you heard: The new CBS Cares campaign advocates giving appointments for pap smears as holiday gifts.
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CBS Cares About Pap Smears

File this under things that make you go, "Did I just hear what I think I heard?

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Yup. CBS Cares has a campaign soliciting men to give the women in their lives appointments for pap smears for Christmas. I saw the ads multiple times during the Bears game yesterday, and each time I'd catch just enough of the spot to go, "Wait a minute, did he just say 'Give her the gift that even Santa can't deliver,' about a pap smear?" I can't even believe I'm blogging about this. But it's for real, and according to CBS,

And who would have thought that -- on the eve of this project's launch -- The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) would announce new pap smear recommendations?? These guidelines state that annual pap smears may no longer be necessary for most women.

Based on this news, we debated whether this project was still important. We concluded -- in consultation with Drs. Schiff and del Carmen -- that it is actually more important and timely than ever... Because an announcement that recommends less frequent pap smears could cause some women to mistakenly conclude that pap smears are not important.

In fact, while the experts may hotly debate ACOG's findings, they all agree on one thing -- a pap smear remains one of the most important health screenings a woman can have. And skipping them costs lives. CBS Cares stands by the pap smear!

Read more about the how and why of the campaign here. Is this a great public service, about often overlooked issues in womens' health? Sure. But the combination of the message with the holidays, the jingling bells and the "Ho ho ho!" in the background... Well, it just seems a little off, right?