November 26th Show : Blog Of The Nation Coming up on our Thanksgiving edition of TOTN: Get your own StoryCorps moments; What your dog really thinks; and who's missing from your table this year?
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November 26th Show

Many chairs stand empty around the dining table this Thanksgiving. In today's second hour, we'll remember the love ones who can't be with us. TraCataldo hide caption

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Happy Thanksgiving! Here's what's coming up on the show today...

How To Get Your Own StoryCorps Moments
We've all heard a profound, touching or gripping story from one of the many StoryCorps segments and thought of a person we've always wanted to interview, but never quite knew how. Today, we'll talk with David Isay, the creator of StoryCorps, about how you can get the stories you've always wanted to hear.

What Your Dog Really Thinks
We know you love your dog — when he lies down next to you, when he greets you at the door, when he licks your face. But do you know why your dog licks your face? It's probably not what you thought (and maybe a little more gross, too). Alexandra Horowitz wrote the new book, Inside Of A Dog and says that much of what we believe about man's best friend is wrong.

Who's Not At Your Table?
We've made it a Thanksgiving tradition at TOTN to remember those who are missing from the family dining table this year. A daughter serving overseas... A husband or father who's passed away... Or a brother or sister stuck at work. Tell us who is missing from your table.