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Rebuttal, For Diners

If you didn't hear Bruce Buschel on his hundred things today, check it out. If you did, and you're a frustrated server that didn't get on the air, check this out, from Laura Reiley at the Tampa Bay Mouth blog.

I agree with many items on the list, but it got me thinking back to my own table-waiting days and how often, in fact, customers could be @#%%#. Here are some of the things customers should never do.

1) Fine, I'll never interrupt your conversation, but when plates are coming in for a landing, please stop waving your arms around so that demi-glace stays off your shoes and mine.*

2) Don't have a big, steaming gob about who is paying the check, leaving me to stand there like a dolt. Let's say the fleetest of foot gets the check, not the meanest or loudest.**

3) Don't get all embarrassed about the crumbs on the table. I'm cleaning them up right now, no big whoop. Relax. And if you spill a little, same thing. We're washing the tablecloth anyway.***

**Guilty, too.
***Guilty, messy, covered in crumbs and worse.

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