The Next Furby: Zhu Zhu Pets : Blog Of The Nation Hot holiday toys like Elmo and Cabbage Patch kids are being shoved aside for cheap, robotic rodents. Meet the Zhu Zhu pet.
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The Next Furby: Zhu Zhu Pets

It's not exactly the return of Furby, but one of the hottest toys this holiday season is a robotic hamster. Stephanie Rosenbloom of The New York Times introduced us:

Known as Zhu Zhu Pets, the artificial rodents have some advantages over the real thing. They do not stink, chew electric wires, or run around their cages making noise at night. In fact, they do not need cages.

Children are delighted at how they coo and scoot about unpredictably. Parents are delighted not to have to clean up after them. And at $7.99 each, the hamsters are recession-friendly.

And like Furby and Cabbage Patch dolls and Elmo in years past, good luck finding the rodents in stores. They're selling out fast.