Books Are... Evil?! : Blog Of The Nation Michael Wolff urges you to boycott... books.
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Books Are... Evil?!

While Sarah is loving on books, and previewing the Nook, Michael Wolff over at Newser was busy hating on books in general. All of them. Particularly what he calls "vanity publications."

If there are still good books, they are largely irrelevant to a form and business that is largely about the creation of the artifact -- identifier, symbol, leave-behind, brand enhancer.

Books are a sales tool. They're propaganda.

And they're fake. A lie. So many are just simply not written by the people the publisher tells you they are written by. Somebody should sue.

He's particularly incensed by the political "memoir" -- from Sarah Palin to President Barack Obama -- but his point, "literate people should boycott books," presents a problem for, well, literate people. After all, as far as I'm concerned, Sarah Palin's book paid for what Wolff would call the "real books" that I love, but are frankly, not great sellers. What do you think?